Hi! I'm Will Nguyen

Software Engineer (more than 5 years)

My name is Will. I am 28 years old. I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer.

I would love to be technical writer. This is my personal website: http://www.guruonrails.com. I'm a quick learner. 

I set the problem solving as the top priority. You can see that we are solving problems on daily basic. Employees are solving problems for companies. Companies are solving problems for customers. We can get the big pictures as a ton of problems on earth. We need problem solvers. Because we all want one thing. The values. No matter you're staffs or customers, we all do want the values. We just can get the values by solving problems.

I look at the language programming as the tools to help us to solve problems. I still learn them to improve my skills. Because, you know, the warriors need their weapons to win the combat.

I also a problem hunter. Obviously that only experienced a ton of combat, we can gain the skills. I keep solving problems on Hackerrank whenever I have time. I solve the company's problems through the products, I keep writing technical articles on daily basic to improve my critical thinking. I'm not afraid of the failures. I failed at many job interviews. But that just made me stronger.

I'm a observer. I appreciate the differences. I respect people who dare to make differences. That is when we have our own reasons to do things. We get different results if we do things in different ways. If we don't want the results out there, we have to make the differences and accepting that we are not the crowd.

I believe that I'm improving every day.

My Skill

Technical Skills

Object Oriented Design


Design Patterns


TDD/BDD - Testing Automation


Ruby on Rails




Html & Css








Other skills

Problem Solving








Analytical and critical thinking


Education and Working History


Can Tho University

Bachelor of Software Engineer

Information Technology



Software Engineer - COBOL

My first official job. Many memories. I worked on non-life insurance. Maintaining the exits system using COBOL, JCL, DB2, TSO, AXAPAC. Developing new features for system, making unit tests to make sure everything runs smoothly and normally.

Project: Application Maintenance / Development for AXA Insurance
Maintenance / Development of the information system for AXA Insurance France.
Role :
- Software Engineer / Dev.
Providing services :
- Corrective maintenance
- Upgrade maintenance
- Studies and estimates
- Unitary data conversion


CSC - Currently DXC

Software Engineer / Team Leader - COBOL/Java

Working in life insurance. Maintaining the exiting system using COBOL, SMART for AS/400. Discussing with customers to develop new features for system, making unit tests to make sure everything runs smoothly and normally.
CSC now is DXC for more information. I worked as a Java Developer/Leader in Life, Group and P&C Insurance domains. Working on Java Web Application, fixing bugs, developing new features and maintaining the quality.
Typical day of work:
- Resolving product's issues including java online program and java batch job according Agile Methodology (Scrum).
- Designing and implementing new features.
- Transforming Cobol code to Java code.
- Supporting other team members.


DOU Networks

Team leader / Software Engineer - Ruby on Rails

I started my Ruby on Rails Career here. After the first month of probation, I was empowered to build a new project and leading it by myself. I'm currently working as a full stack developer and team leader as well. Let's have a look what I can do:
- I handle both front-end and back-end, from development to production (Devopts).
- Implementing features to support Logistic business.
- Sure, I also fix bugs.
We have an awesome team here, so funny, some kinds of humorous guys.
Many thanks to DOU and SCS companies, because they give me an opportunity to prove myself.



Software Engineer - Full Stack Ruby on Rails

Working on freelance project. I worked on base project for exchanging currencies. I handled realtime exchange currencies. Trades , Orders and Trading Chart react instantly after users made transactions. The technologies we used is Ruby on Rails for back-end and Vue.js for front-end.

Other Achievements

Waiting for achievement

Problem Solving Contest

SolvePb Gem

Ruby Gems

Sound Cloud

Color Panel